Journal of Functionally Graded Materials (J. FGMs)

J. FGMs have been published since 2014. All the papers are open on the internet. Please visit the following web site of J-STAGE to read the papers.

Call for Papers

Papers will include the following aspects of FGMs:
– Material concepts & design criteria for FGMs
– Synthesis and Processing
– Characterization, structure and functionality
– Mechanical and thermo-mechanical properties, other functionalities
– Modelling and Simulation
– Bio-inspired & Biomaterials
– Applications

Submission to “J. FGMs”

1. Prior to your submission, refer to the “Guide for Authers”

2. The article must be prepared according to the format based on the “Template for Authers”.

3. The authers are required to submit the “Copylight Transfer Form” with their manuscript.

Files to download

1. Guide for Authers (PDF)

2. Template for Authers (RTF)

3. Copylight Transfer Form (PDF)