QWhen I log on to the registration system, I use the email of submission my abstract, the system told me the email is not valid.

The on-line system for registration and that for abstract submission are completely different and independent systems.

When you log on to the registration system for the first time, please set your ID and password for the registration system.

QPlease tell me who should I get in touch with for a visa invitation letter.

Functionally Graded Materials FORUM of JAPAN will provide an officiel letter of invitation to ISFGMs2018 upon the request of an attendee who requires a visa to travel to Japan. Visa invitation letters should only be issued to speakers/presenters, committee members, and atttendees who have paid their registration fee in full.

To request a visa invitaion letter, please contact to JTB that is the official travel agent for ISFGMs2018. The contact information will be provided in an e-mail that you can recieve after the online registration procedure.

QI am not able to submit my abstract as this link is not available.

Please try again from a start, i.e., click “SUBMIT NOW” and input your e-mail address to register.
You will receive a new e-mail.
Please access the linked website within 3 hours and complete your abstract submission.
The URL informed in the e-mail is valid for only 3 hours.

QHow much is the registration fee for students?

The registration fee is shown on the web site.

Go to the “REGISTRATION” in the main menu, and select “Symposium” in the sub-menu, or please click here to see the web site page.

QDo you provide the templates for abstract and proceedings paper?

Yes. The templates for abstract and the proceedings paper can be downloaded from HOME/Downloads in this website.


QAre you going to accept full text paper, or only abstract?

As the first step, you can submit only an abstract (1 page in A4). You will be notified the acceptance of your abstract by 20 March 2018. When your abstract is accepted, you can submit the proceedings paper (2-4 pages in A4) by 20 May 2018.

If you want to submit a full paper, the conference is recommending submitting your manuscript for publication after the symposium in a regular issue of the academic journal “Journal of Functionally Graded Materials”. The publishing expenses is free, if you submit your manuscript presented at ISFGMs 2018 until 31 December 2018. For more information, see the SUBMISSION/Journal of FGMs in this website.

QIs there the mobile version of ISFGMs2018 website?

Sorry. The mobile version is not provided, the PC version only.

QWhen is the on-line registration going to operate?

The on-line registration is going to operate soon. Please wait a moment.