15th International Symposium on Functionally Graded Materials

– Structural Sector Approaches for New Functionalities and Durability –

5-8 August 2018
Kitakyushu International Conference Center, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, JAPAN


Floor Plan (PDF)



The first International Symposium on FGMs was held in Sendai (1990) where the concept of FGMs was born. Since then, a series of the symposia has been held every two years in USA, Europe, and Asia. FGMs Forum of Japan formed in 1988 has been strongly supporting these symposia in conjunction with the International Advisory Committee (IACFGMs). The Forum will celebrate the 30th anniversary in 2018 and it was fixed at the IACFGMs meeting in 2016 to hold the 15th symposium in Kitakyushu to commemorate the special year. We invite all of you who are interested in this field and hope to discuss the future of research and applications of FGMs.


2018 15th ISFGMs, Kitakyushu, JAPAN FGMs Forum 30th Aniversary
2016 14th ISFGMs, Bayreuth, GERMANY
2014 13th ISFGMs, Sao Paulo, BRAZIL
2012 12th ISFGMs, Beijing, CHINA
2010 11th ISFGMs, Guimaraes, PORTUGAL
2008 10th ISFGMs, Sendai, JAPAN FGMs Forum 20th Anniversary
2006 9th ISFGMs, Hawaii, USA
2004 8th ISFGMs, Leuven, BELGIUM
2002 7th ISFGMs, Beijing, CHINA
2000 6th ISFGMs, Estes Park, USA
1998 5th ISFGMs, Dresden, GERMANY FGMs Forum 10th Anniversary
1996 4th ISFGMs, Tsukuba, JAPAN
1994 3rd ISFGMs, Lausanne, SWITZERLAND
1992 2nd ISFGMs, San Francisco, USA
1990 1st ISFGMs, Sendai, JAPAN
1988 FGMs Forum established