Winner of Best Presentation Award in ISFGMs 2018

Simon Heuer (Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Germany)
“Fabrication and Characterization of Functionally Graded Fe/W Composites”



A Poster Competition for graduate students and young researchers will be held at the 15th International Symposium Functionally Graded Materials (ISFGMs-2018). The purpose of this competition is to encourage graduate students and young researchers to present the results of their research. This competition will also offer an opportunity for all participants to exchange information and interact with young researchers in a relaxed atmosphere. Special prizes of FGMs Poster Award will be awarded for meritorious presentations. FGMs Poster Award is intended to honor and encourage the graduate student or young researcher whose academic achievements and current FGMs research activities display high levels of excellence and distinction.



FGMs Poster Award was established to recognize exceptional abilities of the graduate student or young researcher who demonstrate promise for significant achievement in their future FGMs research activities. All presentations entered for the poster session at the ISFGMs 2018 symposium will be evaluated by IAC-FGMs committee members. The prize winner will receive the award plaque with certificate at the conference banquet.




Applicants for the Poster Competition must be graduate students or young researchers who register for the ISFGMs 2018 symposium. The age of applicant should be 35 years or less as of 31 December 2018. There is no age limit for the poster presentation co-authors.



To be eligible for an award, an applicant himself/herself must make the only one poster presentation; presentations made by alternate presenters will not be considered for the award. The reviewing of Poster Competition is planned to be held at a specified time during the poster session. Presenters will be requested to remain in the allocated poster session room during the entire session to provide explanation and discussion as needed. All texts in the presented posters should be written in English as the official language in ISFGMs 2018.



Applicants for the Poster Competition have to send your entry e-mail to the award committee office ( including following information: (a) Paper Title, (b) Author Name, (c) Affiliation, (d) Job Title, (d) Age on 31 December 2018. Deadline of the entry is 20 January 2018.



The FGMs Poster Award Committee has no plans to publish proceedings of the Poster Competition presentations. The Poster Competition applicants are encouraged to contribute oral presentations of their poster session research topics to the planned regular sessions and submit full paper manuscripts for publication in the Journal of FGMs.