5 August (Sun.) 6 August (Mon.) 7 August (Tue.) 8 August (Wed.)
Morning  hh:mm~hh:mm    Opening Ceremony Oral Session Oral Session
Break   Coffee break    Coffee break   Coffee break
 hh:mm~hh:mm    Plenary Lecture Oral Session Closing Ceremony
  Lunch   Lunch, Exhibition Lunch, Exhibition Lunch, Exhibition
Afternoon  hh:mm~hh:mm   Oral Session Ladies Tour
(Applicants only)
Oral Session Technical Tour
(Applicants only)
Break    Coffee break Coffee break 
 hh:mm~hh:mm Registration Desk Open,
Welcome drink
Poster Session Oral Session
Evening  hh:mm~hh:mm  IACFGMs meeting  Banquet Memorial Ceremony of
Prof. Dr. M. Willert-Porada
and Prof. Dr. Toshio Hirai
Registration Desk Open Aftenoon ~ Evening Morning ~ Afternoon Morning ~ Afternoon Morning ~ Afternoon



  • Registration desk will be set up at Rihga Royal Hotel Kokura only on the first day (5 August). After the second day (6~8 August) the registration desk will be set up at Kitakyushu International Conference Center.
  • Lunch will be served at Rihga Royal Hotel Kokura.
  • Applicants for ladies tour and tecnical tour need online registration in advance. Deadline of online registration is 20 July.