In addition to very rich scientific sessions in the technical program, some special lectures, events, and tours are planned in ISFGMs 2018.

Special Lectures

Not only the following two plenary lectures but also six keynote lectures and 24 invited lectures on state of the art topics is going to be given by prominent scientists. Please check the academic program for details.

[Plenary Lecture] Monday, 6 August, 9:50-10:40 at Main Hall
“Lessons learned with FGM development”
by Prof. Michael Gasik (Aalto University Foundation, Finland)

[Plenary Lecture] Tuesday, 7 August, 13:30-14:20 at Main Hall
“Manufacture and properties of layered, graded and 3D anisotropic materials for applications in communications and energy storage”
by Prof. Patrick S. Grant (Departoment of Materials, University of Oxford, UK)

Welcome Reception

Welcome reception is going to be opened on 5 August 2018.
Please check the leaflet for details.


During the conference, from 6 to 8 August, you can choose and enjoy your favorite reataurant of the day.
Please check the leaflet for details.

Conference Banquet

Conference banquet with a short cruising to Premier Hotel MOJIKO is going to be held on 6 August 2018.
Please check the leaflet for details.

Memorial Ceremony

Memorial ceremony for Prof. Dr. M. Willert-Porada and Prof. Dr. Toshio Hirai will be held on 7 August 2018 to pray for the repose of their soul. Please check the leaflet for details.

Optional Tours

Two local tours in Kitakyushu are planned. A chance to experience Japanese hospitality and an opportunity to learn more about Japanese culture involved in the history of Kitakyushu will be provided.

[Ladies Tour] Monday, 6 August, 13:00-17:30
Please check the leaflet for details.
You can participate this tour on the day by purchasing a ticket at the registration desk of ISFGMs 2018.

[Technical Tour] Wedensday, 8 August, 13:00-17:00
Please check the leaflet for details.
Note that “Onsite registration is NOT AVAILABLE“. To participate this tour you need online registration in advance. The deadline of online registration is 25 July.